We are always delighted to receive feedback from our students so we have started this section to share the comments we are given.  

We encourage our students to let us know their views at any time but, approximately once a year, we undertake an evaluation process to ensure all students are asked for their feedback. We will be sharing those comments here. 



"The change of tutor has caused me a few problems as styles and approach are different but both have been encouraging and friendly"

"Teacher exceptional, consistently so"

"I have been coming for over 20 years to a variety of courses, it has been very rare that an individual class has not been up to my expectations"

"Very pleased with everything"

" I do wish rooms could be swapped around"

"First Percival Guildhouse course for about 15 years - very impressed"

"Love coming, lovely atmosphere"

"I am extremely pleased with the course, the teaching is excellent and the classes are always interesting"